Blockchain BioPharma: R&D Origins
We are Grateful to The institute of Pharmaceutical Scientists and Engineers at ISPE for conducting the initial R&D to support our Product Thesis
A Windows, MAC OS and Linux powered Desktop software suite providing #Data from over 30 API Endpoints and Middleware targeted to Pharmaceutical Scientists and Pharmaceutical Engineers who work for governments, universities, and via a coalition of #PharmaCompanies.
A Coalition of Governments, Universities, and PHARMA Companies Developing Vaccines and Medicines On The Same Platform Would Have No-Doubt Prevented the #Coronavirus Pandemic
We owe our success in completing 24-Months of R&D to the Institute for Pharmaceutical Scientists and Engineers.
In this article, they break down the requirements in a perfect manner for defining exactly what our initial software DevOps focused capabilities will be deployed to create.
Blockchain for Pharmaceutical Engineers
ISPE | International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering
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