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Does Blockchain BioPharma Loan Money to Drug Developers?

Is This a Loan for Pharmaceutical Drug Developers / What incentivizes Them / What is the Collateral for Protecting the Value of the Token?
Pharmaceutical Developers pay us Gas-Fees (Our Fee + ETH Gas Fees) and we must own the development of the Medicine, and it must be done on our platform and documented on our blockchain. Those are the Rule. We do this to protect our Accredited Investors and Enterprises who invest in any Pharmaceutical eNFT
For partner engagements and Managed Services, we provide the Decentralized Finance (DeFI) Capabilities, Technology, Product Team, Delivery Team, and Regulatory / Compliance Team, all via Smart Contracts written to our Ethereum (and possibly Binance BEP20) Blockchain. Blockchain BioPharma provides the processes, people, methodology, policies, Data Schema, and Smart Contracts required to bring new technologies to market.
Our internal team manages regulatory, compliance, product management, and portfolio management for each Intellectual Property Portfolio eNFT via our platform and our systems.
Blockchain BioPharma's internal research and development group plans to engage the most talented Research Scientists in the world, and invest in only one type of drug: #WonderDrugs
Blockchain BioPharma's DAO members will vote on where we invest our internal R&D funds.
  • Pharma IP is an asset, and is thus the collateral for our Enterprise, Government, University, and Investment Banking Partners.
  • Other forms of collateral will consist of DAO owned securities in other companies
  • Our Sales & Revenue Model will Drive Value to the Pharmaceutical Token (Ticker: PHARMA) and all Enterprise eNFT's.