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Information Architecture Diagram

Information architecture (IA) focuses on organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an effective and sustainable way. The goal is to help users find information and complete tasks.
Blockchain BioPharma currently exists as a #Data Company which monetizes data through Public Blockchains such as Ethereum and Polygon, and Private-Blockchains such as HyperLedger Fabric. We exist at an inflection point between the WEB3 Future, The World of Medicine and Biotechnology, a vastly and quickly expanding cryptocurrency financial system, and Science in Technology.
There are 4-major components in developing the Metaverse of Blockchain BioPharma:
  • Organization systems
  • Labeling systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Searching systems
Deployed within these four systems is our Technology Stack, detailed below with notes:
  • CHAINSTACK: Leveraging On-Platform integrations between #PublicChain and #PrivateChain Data.
  • SNOWFLAKE: Our AI / ML Data Warehousing Solution.
  • QUANTUM SSO & MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION: DEV_SEC_OPS multi-factor authentication services (For Anti-Money Laundering features) on both ID dot Me and RSID Secure Device. Seeking accredited partners for post-quantum security solutions.
  • POLYGON: Layer-2 Initiative on which to deploy ERC-20 Smart Contracts for our PHARMA Token and Pharmaceutical eNFT or Enterprise NFT Marketplace. Public Data Source and Feed with information about Intellectual Property portfolios under development and available for investment.
  • iOT PROGRAMMING: Integrations with Medical, and other "Internet-of-Things" Enabled Devices (our co-Founder [Private] is Product Manager at the most innovative iOT Security Firms in the world and has experience on high-clearance Government pitches and contracts.)
  • SOLIDITY PROGRAMMING VIA ETHEREUM ERC20: Current Blockchain on which we operate (this may expand and change). High Gas Fees in addition to our average fee to post a Smart Contract on the Pharmaceutical Token (Ticker: PHARMA) Blockchain. Public Data Source and Feed.
  • TZERO (Proposed): Data Source and Feed into TZero's Regulated ATS (Alternative Trading System), ERC20 compatible. Their vision is to be the "Stock Exchange" of Crypto.
  • OPEN ZEPPELIN (Proposed): Utilizing their Auditing and Compliance Services as well as their Pre-Audited , Pre-Approved-Security-Checked Smart Contracts. This enables a "Zero-trust Environment".
  • DATA MODEL: Often called a "Data Schema", as of now, our Data Model remains split between:
  • MICROSOFT DYNAMIX ERP INTEGRATION (Proposed): Microsoft Dynamix ERP SaaS provides Enterprise Resource Management that fuels collaboration and project management with our partners, collaborators, and providers.
  • CLOUD ARCHITECTURE: Security is built-in to the design from the beginning (not as an afterthought), focusing on IT security, information security, and #Data Governance.
2022 03 16 - Blockchain BioPharma - Information Architecture.pdf