Legal Position on the Pharmaceutical Token

Ticker: PHARMA, Type-ERC20 on Ethereum Blockchain , Fees - Gas Fees and Our Smart Contract Posting Fees, Purpose - Cryptographically sharing Data on our DAO
Our legal position has changed, in that our Pharmaceutical Token (Ticker: PHARMA) is in fact a derivative, deriving part of its value from all of theSales & Revenue Model, and part from its utility (voting right in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and other participation).
VERY IMPORTANT DIFFERENTIATON: Fractionalized Intellectual Property may include trademarks, copyrights, patents, designs, schematics, genetics, formulas, manufacturing processes. Ownership of PHARMA tokens constitutes a partial interest in all eNFTs and the success of the eNFT marketplace, and is independent from the fractionalized ownership stake of an IP Portfolio eNFT.
Assignment of Intellectual Property ownership will be in the form of execution of Smart Contracts of the Intellectual Property Portfolio assigned to the address of the NFT Holder.
For more information about how other thought leaders are considering using Blockchain technology for pharmacogenetics data, visit the following link.