PRODUCT: eNFT Marketplace for Medicines (Polygon)

Our Story started from trying to find a "COVID Data Science Unicorn" by tracking COVID Data on the Blockchain. Our team was put into motion, and several team members collaborated using knowledge of New York Universities "The Human Project", the largest BigData project in history.
eNFT Marketplace - A digital market for buying, selling, and trading fractionalized Intellectual Property NFTs. Each eNFT represents an Intellectual Property Portfolio: the patents, formulas, manufacturing processes, logos, trademarks, and other IP required to produce and distribute a pharmaceutical, nutrition, or life sciences product.
Purchasers of the NFTs buy shares (percentage) ownership in the Intellectual Property Portfolio, and earn dividends from license agreements from supply chain partners who take the product to market.
Blockchain BioPharma's Enterprise solution provides the mechanism to create IP Portfolios, list them for sale (capitalize the IP for the creating businesses), and license them to partners who can then take the product to market.
Although making money is all well and good, we did not originally launch BlockChain BioPharma to make money.
We launched it to track and to counter all the bad COVID Data that was disparately leaking out, using blockchain technology.
Eventually, after more than a year of R&D, what was originally supposed to be a graduate school thesis went into commercialization.
A "COVID Data Science Solution" was put into motion, and several team members managed to "magically collaborate" and use each others knowledge of NYU's The Human Project, the largest BigData project in history, and combined these, and multiple other software solutions by the world-renowned ISPE (Institute for Pharmaceutical Scientists & Engineers).
The collection and integration of this data: The thought that we could gather multiple companies to develop the same products and services, people who were of the same mind to change the world.
Our #Humanity solution was to create an 80% Non-Profit and 20% For-Profit Pharma Business Model to use #Blockchain to deploy a Pharmaceutical Lab, R&D, Compounder, and Manufacturer, with the proper FDA licenses in the space. The Final Product our #DataCompany on the #Blockchain would power, from a #DeFi perspective, our Pharmaceutical eNFT Marketplace for Medicines, all tracked via the "Trust Chain Smart Contracts".
We envision this marketplace of medicines that we have in Development based on #PredictiveAnalytics , and integrated into our Medicine Development Agile, PMO, Operations, and Product Management processes, processes for which our Management Team is world-renowned. Features, properties, and #SoftwareCharacteristics include: Transparency Smart Contracts are of critical importance, and must be un-corruptible, as our public and private chains must follow all HIPPA and PII #Regulatory and #Compliance Laws.