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Sales & Revenue Model

Products and Services include Metaverse Software Applications for Pharma, eNFT Marketplace, MSP Services (Managed-Service-Provider) including post-quantum security preparedness.
The Blockchain BioPharma Sales & Revenue is the First in the Pharmaceutical industry that TRULY puts "Patients over Profit" with Our Unique 80/20 Non-Profit Model.
Is Blockchain BioPharma a real business, or just a White-Paper concept?
Blockchain Pharmaceuticals is a real business, in the startup stage. Recently emerging from "Stealth Mode", Blockahin BioPharma is a Data Company focused on innovation and collaboration in the decentralized landscape of Web3 and the Metaverse.
Sales & Revenue to our organization comes from the following Products & Services, and available via the navigation at the bottom of this page to flip through:
  • PRODUCT: Enterprise Desktop, Mobile and Metaverse Software Applications for the Pharma Industry
  • PRODUCT: Enterprise, or "eNFT" Marketplace for Medicine
  • PRODUCT: The Blockchain BioPharma CloudLab
  • SERVICE: Pharma Token Smart Contract Writing
  • SERVICE: post-quantum security - a new form of encryption for Data Governance in the Blockchain industry that focuses on protecting information in the post-quantum age
  • SERVICE: Metaverse MSP (Managed Service Provider) Software Development Contracts
  • SERVICE: Private-Label IP Monetization
With Blockchain BioPharma, enterprises, governments, and universities can accelerate innovation in the pharmaceutical, life science, and nutrition science space by developing collaboratively.