Blockchain BioPharma will charge Gas Fees, on top of the Ethereum Gas Fees, to keep our Blockchain, well, "Full of Gas." Capital must be the oil that powers the machinery of the "AI Being" we create.
We must monetize the Pharmaceutical Tokens (Ticker: PHARMA) workflows and development loops in order to keep our own organization's "gas tank" full on the Blockchain.
For our type of "Never Been Done Before" Operation, Ethereum Charges Gas-Fees, and Blockchain BioPharma will Charge Gas Fees on top of this Ethereum Gas-Fee as a Smart Contract Audit and Regulatory Compliance Review Fee.
The average proposed Gas-Fee, from the Blockchain BioPharma perspective, would be around $10,000 USD in Ethereum as our fee to "Audit" almost every Smart Contract that's written to our Blockchain.,
This solution also provides us a higher-level of security. We propose to use several Blockchain Audit firms, including #KPMG and #OpenZeppelin.
Auditing Smart Contract is imperative and will reduce our risk of fraud or security vulnerabilities.
Types of Enterprise Pharmaceutical Token, and Enterprise eNFT Marketplace for Medicine Blockchain Smart Contracts, the additional Smart Contract-types that will be used for this Tax/Audit/Regulatory/Compliance Smart Contract are:
  • Data Transparency Smart Contracts: It is important for the mission of the company that its operations be transparent, and that private data remain protected (considerations may include HIPPA and PII Laws for private chain data). A cost to be aware of, and why we need time, is the actual Total Cost and Timeline of developing a medicine from start-to-finish.
  • ERP Data Source and Data Feed Smart Contracts: With the cost of Developing a new Medicine at up to $2 Billion End-to-End, our eNFT’s will be focused to Accredited Investor and Enterprise.
  • Financial & Accounting Smart Contracts: Wherein #Holdings are considered Total Assets; wherein Total Assets will be Blockchain BioPharma DAO holdings of 50% of our NFT’s with the remainder being available to #AccreditedInvestors. All of the major Smart Contracts (public and private) will require an audit. Software #Functions and #Methods are most generously summed up in the following Open Zeppelin pricing for Security Audits: