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DAO Mission & Vison

-> SYSTEM INTEGRATION: Why we chose to focus on #PHARMA, #LifeScience and #NutritionScience, all of which are consolidating through more innovative #Therapeutics, #Healthcare, and #PatientCare <-
A DAO is a way of organizing people and their interests on the internet using the blockchain. Currently, we are looking at DAO Board Meeting Software Vendor BoardRoom.Info as a Secure Technology Provider and System Integrator.
MISSON: To create the first medicine ever developed on the blockchain.
VISION: Using decentralization to change the way medicines are financed.
The Blockchain BioPharma DAO is an organization designed to be automated and decentralized.
Leveraging Ethereum ERC20 Smart-Contracts, which act as a form of VC fund, based on open-source code and without a typical management structure or board of directors, Blockchain BioPharma is innovating the pharmaceutical industry.
To be fully decentralized, the BlockChain BioPharma DAO is working on partnerships with nation-states / governments, universities, and pharma companies, all through the use and immutable "trust chain" of the Ethereum network.
Our story is that we launched this Decentralized Autonomous Organization to solve the issues with the #Data Chaos and Confusion that happened during COVID..
We believe that our Pharma DAO can eliminate human error and manipulation of investor funds via our Pharmaceutical Token (Ticker: PHARMA), Software & Services MSP Model, and eNFT Marketplace for Medicines, by placing decision-making power into the hands of an autonomous system and crowdsourced process.
Powered by partnerships to enable post-quantum security, and targeted to the enterprise to fulfill U.S. Government SEC, CFTC, and FDA regulatory compliance, we work from anywhere in the world anonymously. Our #PHARMA Token gives investors voting rights on possible projects.
The FDA License is intended to empower US-Based Manufacturing (FDA Licensed) companies to produce for the resulting global pharmaceutical, nutrition, and life sciences markets.
FROM OUR LINKEDIN: #DemocratizingPHARMA is a crazy, #Revolutionary , #GameChanger that went from #UniversityThesis to #Commercialization as #Crypto began to gain mass-adoption over the last few years.
#BlockchainBioPharma as a #Data, #eNFT, and #DeFi Platform, will aim to achieve the goals outlined in this article on #EnvironmentalSustainability in #PHARMA by our Series B.