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Who Uses The Blockchain BioPharma Application?

Governments, Competing Pharmaceutical Companies, Labs, Universities, and Manufacturers are some of our core target users.
Blockchain BioPharma provides the team, processes, methodologies, technology, and encryption for Enterprise and Banking -grade Communications on our Blockchain via the Pharmaceutical Token (Ticker: PHARMA).
Blockchain BioPharma will consolidate the crypto industry on our application. We are targeting the following organizations for our core user-base.
Our approach includes built-in workflows for Regulatory and Compliance users for oversight, including government bodies such as the European Medicines Commission and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.
Existing Pharma companies who wish to "Plug" their project to our #Data to accelerate development and collaboration to take new products to market or capitalize on existing IP.
Universities hold many patents. Goal would be to monetize Existing Pharmaceutical IP (Intellectual Property).
Labs, Manufacturers, and Compounder Enterprise-users will utilize our Licensing and Supply Chain Smart Contracts.